For any lost and found queries please email info@volksclub.co.uk or call us on 01273686828

We have a cloakroom facility for bags and coats, There is a charge of £2 for coats, and £3 for bags. Please note that items will not be returned without the matching ticket. If you lose your ticket you will have to wait until end of night to retrieve your item.

Please email jerome@volksclub.co.uk if you have any queries on tickets

We don’t have a dress code at Volks, as long as you are dressed you can come in

All of our events past 9.30 pm are 18+ only unless it is a private party.

We do not sell any food during our club shows, in summer we are open as a cafe/dinner in the days but kitchen will usually shut around 6.00pm.

We do not hire out booths or tables, we have a few seats available around the venue (in our side room, room 2 and smoking area).